June 13, 2024

5 Tips for a Dreamy, Stress-Free Wedding in Denver

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When planning your wedding, you no doubt want it to go exactly as you envision it and be unforgettable for all those who attend. If you need some helpful tips, read on to see five of the main things to keep in mind in order to keep it dreamy and stress-free throughout.

1. Set a Reasonable Budget

The first thing that you need to do is to set a reasonable budget for your wedding. This budget should cover all the basics and leave some allowance for unexpected expenses. It should also not be too low that you can hardly cover the most important things such as the venue and food, for example.

Do some research online to see what weddings like the one you want to have cost in general. This will give you a good idea of the amount you should expect to spend on yours. Remember that it’s safe to start your wedding budget with 8-10% of the total amount dedicated to flowers, whatever your wedding budget is. From this point, you can either increase it or decrease it based on your other needs.

2. Book the Services You Need Early Enough

Don’t take it for granted that all the services you need for your wedding will be free when you need them. Once you have decided on a specific service that you will require, book it in advance so that you know the dates you will need it on are secured. Plan to do this as early as a month or even two ahead of the wedding, depending on how much demand the specific service is in, especially for the time you will have your wedding. According to some estimates, retail bakeries are expected to experience a rise of more than 5% in their sales. This shows that you may want to pick out your wedding dessert early enough to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything for your special day!

3. Find the Right Venue

The venue of your wedding is extremely important and should be one of the first things you think about. Find one that resonates with your set theme and book it early enough to ensure that you have it secured. Remember to make sure that it’s convenient enough for you and your guests, so think about the weather in Denver in order to book a good venue that will work perfectly. You should not be exposed to the elements on your wedding day, and neither should your guests.

4. Shop for the Basics Early Enough

Make a list and start with the most important things. Apart from the venue and decor, other priorities include the wedding attire, transportation, photography and videography, and the rings. Remember to size them appropriately so that they fit each of you as they should. One indicator that your ring is too large is if it easily swivels 360 degrees when you have it on whenever you move your hand. This is true for people who don’t have an extremely large knuckle, so have the rings adjusted accordingly early enough if they have any fit issues. Don’t forget to shop for the right wine for your wedding either. California is considered the fourth largest producer of wine worldwide, so there are plenty of options available for you to choose from wherever you’re hosting your wedding.

5. Have a Second Option

Finally, prepare for the unexpected and have a second plan in place for the eventuality that something may not work out as planned. From the venue to the transportation and decor, have an emergency plan that can save the day if something goes wrong at the last minute. This will afford you peace of mind and also ensure that you have a higher chance of achieving the perfect wedding.

Put these tips to use to give your wedding in Denver a chance at succeeding. Remember that it’s best to prepare early and expect the unexpected because, this way, you may be able to salvage the situation and not be thrown off balance easily.

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