May 24, 2024

5 Reasons You Should Consider Remodeling the Bathroom in Your Denver Home

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You’re a Denver resident and thinking about renovating your bathroom. Whether you’re looking to save money or another renovation seems better, you might hesitate about doing bathroom renovations. Fortunately, there are five reasons renovating your Denver bathroom will help. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. To Fix Plumbing Issues

Be aware that renovations can fix common plumbing issues you have. One of the most frequent problems you’ll notice is water leaks resulting from broken pipes or a problem with your shower, toilet, or sink. Water leaks can be problematic even though you can visually detect the damage in some cases. More importantly, they’ll add a massive hit to your water bill, which you’ll notice at the end of every month. Identify your plumbing issues and plan to fix them with your contractors. A complete renovation helps you solve plumbing problems at the same time.

2. To Expand Your Bathroom’s Size

Most homeowners renovate to add more space to the bathroom, mainly to add more fixtures. A more oversized custom-designed tub will take many hours to install, but you’ll have more standing room and a more comfortable bathroom upon completion. Of course, the bathroom cabinet and sink combination can take up more space than you might think, so restructuring the bathroom from the walls to the floor is critical. Expand your bathroom’s size by taking measurements as soon as you can.

You might even need a room depending on the door style you choose for the bathroom. According to the 2019 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, the Shaker style of vanity door styles is the most popular with 47% of homeowners having them, followed by the raised panel (25%) and flat panel (23%), with 58% of homeowners opting instead for custom or semi-custom cabinetry for their master bath upgrade.

3. To Eliminate Water Damage and Mold

At the end of every shower, water remains on the tub walls and the floor. With plumbing issues, water accumulation can pose a serious problem indeed. Water damage deteriorates your bathroom’s structure, destroying the wallpaper. Water damage often looks like mold but, at its earliest stages, might appear as the result of a cleaning problem. Check for dark black spots and stains in areas where water pools in one location.

Mold is often the direct result of water damage. The black spots on the walls and floors contain mold spores that are extremely dangerous to breathe into your lungs. In your Denver home, mold can cause you and your family to develop bronchitis or asthma. You may have trouble breathing, and you might notice skin irritation and dizziness as well. With mold and water damage being such a significant problem, a complete renovation is essential as it will eliminate these types of damage quicker than a casual cleaning job.

4. To Make Your Bathroom Safer

From slipping and falling to bumping your knees on fixtures, the safety concerns in a bathroom need addressing through renovation. While expanding your bathroom, you’re making it safer. More room to move around prevents you from hitting your head on something if you slip and fall. A safer bathroom takes away the anxiety older relatives and guests might feel. If you want to feel confident and calm, renovate your bathroom. Renovations keep your home safe from risks.

5. To Improve Your Bathroom’s Aesthetics

According to Comfy Living, most households need remodeling and improvement. The reason is that 80% of them are at least 20 years old. By then, the bathroom cabinets could be permanently stained, the sink and tub corroded, and the paint on the walls could be far less appealing and inviting. Open your mind, browse renovation pictures online, and renovate your bathroom according to your desired design and style.

You might be surprised that the most renovated house feature is countertops, with 91% percent of homeowners installing new granite, quartz, or marble countertops. Backsplashes account for 86% of home renovations, and sinks account for 84%. With all the renovation options available, you can quickly transform the mood in your home. Choose projects that align with your goals regarding aesthetics to feel happiest about your bathroom.

Whether you want to improve your home’s aesthetics or need more space to move, renovating your bathroom isn’t a project you should take lightly. Whether adding color, new designs, or completely restructuring the room, a bathroom renovation will make your family and friends feel happier about the home. Take the step when you’re ready, and you won’t regret it. Bringing your bathroom to life will make you feel like a more successful homeowner.

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