May 26, 2024

4 Things Denver Residents Should Do Before Starting a Road Trip

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Going on a road trip can be one of the most fun things to do, whether alone or with company. That said, there are typically going to be unexpected scenarios most of the time you get on the road, regardless of the distance you intend to cover. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you make the proper preparations so that you can keep the odds of something going wrong to a minimum. Here are four important things that you ought to do before you start a road trip if you’re a Denver resident.

1. Come Up With a Plan

Everything is better when you have a plan in place. That’s because you’ll know what to expect from the moment you set out. In case an issue comes up, you may already have a plan in place to deal with it. From the items that you need to pack to the route that you intend to take, there are a number of details that you need to plan for.

You may also need to take a navigation device with you in addition to the one that’s built into your car. This way, you’ll have a great chance of being aware of where you are at any point in time. Many people understand the importance of navigation devices. This is based on the fact that in 2023, the market for navigation devices and services is worth $1.87 billion, according to Statista. Write a list of everything that you need so that there’s a lower chance of forgetting anything that you’ll need.

2. Top Off and Pack the Relevant Fluids

Next, check your vehicle’s fluids and top off any that need to be topped off. Some of these fluids are the power steering fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Remember to also pack and carry small amounts of the various fluids that you may need in an emergency, including motor oil. Do this bearing in mind that you need to change your oil once every 3,000 miles, according to ANW Automotive. This means that if it’s been a while since you got an oil change, you need to get it done before you set out so that you don’t risk damaging your engine.

3. Get New Wiper Blades

The wiper blades may seem small and inconsequential, but you need to add them to your list of priorities to work on. They can help you improve your visibility while you drive, making the trip safer for you. Even if you don’t change them, carry an extra set with you in case of anything. With proper wiper blades, it will be easy for you to notice if there’s any form of damage to the windshield, which could expose you to considerable risk if you ignore it. Keep in mind that this is a crucial consideration to make, given the fact that the windshield provides up to 45% of a vehicle cabin’s structural integrity, according to Glass.

4. Ensure Your Tires Are in Good Shape

Finally, don’t forget to check your tires and rotate or replace them as necessary. Their state can impact your safety considerably, so take the time to make sure that they’re whole. Check the treads for signs of wear or other issues like bulges, which are typically weak spots on the tires and are prone to ending up as punctures if the tire isn’t changed. Don’t forget to check and pack a spare tire as it could come in handy at some point.

As a resident of Denver, remember to get these things taken care of before you set out on a road trip. Doing so can improve your safety and make the road trip a lot more fun. Take note of any issues that you run into while on the road trip, if any, so that you can ensure they don’t come up in subsequent road trips that you have.

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