June 13, 2024

3 Ways You Can Avoid Accidents and Injuries in the Workplace

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Accidents will happen. They can happen at any time. They can happen anywhere– even in Denver. Sometimes, they are inevitable. Other times, they are preventable. We are going to focus on the latter for this situation. There are so many accidents that can be avoided. Most of it comes down to common sense. It usually takes only one time for an accident to happen for good employers to go out of their way to make changes so that it won’t happen again. Still, there are some other measures that you can take to prevent some accidents from happening. Just follow these three tips and you will have a good start.

Follow the Rules

The number one cause of accidents is usually not following the rules. Workplaces have rules for a reason. Certain clothes aren’t allowed to be worn at work. There are even rules for how your hair has to be kept. All new employees have to go through some sort of training to make sure they understand how to keep themselves safe on the job. You might think that you are cool for breaking them, but sometimes it is not worth getting hurt or dying for the clout. Listen to your boss during training. Take note of all the rules before you start work. Do you know what the most common accidents to happen around the workplace are? Scaffoldings. Apparently, the construction industry in America has to pay about $90 million each year in lost work days because of these accidents. Because of this, there are rules and protocols in place. Workers are expected to follow them. Do the smart thing and wear the right clothes, keep your area clean, do certain procedures right, and check to make sure that everything is right. Following the rules around the workplace will save lives.

Check Equipment

Another way to prevent a good number of accidents is to make sure that equipment is in good working condition. There are countless accidents and deaths that happen because the equipment was old, broken, or both. Let’s take, for example, the forklift. Did you know that a forklift overturning is the most common incident? Well, it is true. In fact, 24% of all forklift accidents occur every year because of it. Why does this happen? It’s like because no one checked to see if it was secure or staying in place. There are some companies that will cut corners with equipment. Don’t do that if you are a manager or a boss. It might cost more for new equipment, but it is better than having to deal with accidents or death on your hands. If you are an employee you might want to file a report or look for another job.

Always Prepare for the Unexpected

Sometimes, there is a wild element that will come into play and throw everything off balance. Even so, you are going to have to prepare for those too. How can you do that? One way is to make sure the lights outside of your place of business work properly. According to LEDs Magazine, Denver neighborhoods and homes that had outdoor lighting were at least 7% less likely to be the victim of a crime than homes that did not have outdoor lighting. The same can be said for accidents happening outside around nighttime. You can also check the weather for a good measure. Have spare pieces of equipment and tools on hand in case there is a break.

You can’t always prevent an accident from happening in your Denver workplace. There are still things you can do to prevent the ones that can be avoided. It doesn’t matter if you live in Denver or not, it is all the same. Follow the rules, check your equipment, and always prepare for the unexpected. If you follow all of these, everything will go swimmingly.

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