July 21, 2024

Where’s the Best Place to Retire? New Ranking Suggests It Might Be Colorado

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Many people agree that choosing the place where you’ll spent your retirement years is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life.

And in good news for those who call Colorado home, three cities in the Centennial State have been named among the top 20 places in the U.S. to spend one’s retirement years.

According to Bankrate.com’s recently-released “Best and Worst Cities to Retire,” index, Denver now ranks 6th in the nation as the best retirement destination. Colorado Springs came in at No. 9, with Lakewood earning the No. 17 spot.

Bankrate.com’s index ranked 172 U.S. cities according to the following criteria: cost of living, crime rate, walkability, quality of health care, state and local taxes, weather, and personal health of seniors. While Denver has a slightly high cost of living, the city also boasts fantastic walkability, high well-being of seniors, low taxes, ideal weather and high-quality health care.

“Deciding where to retire is a very personal choice,” Bankrate.com research and statistics analyst Chris Kahn said. “We ranked the cities on factors that matter most to seniors, but recognize that every city has its pros and cons that will be shaped by each individual’s personal experiences.”

When about 70% of Americans over the age of 65 will require long-term care at some point, there’s no denying the advantages of living in Colorado. The state is full of some of the nation’s best retirement communities and assisted living facilities and ranks near the top for personal health of seniors, the Denver Business Journal reported.

So before packing your bags and heading off to that beachfront retirement complex in Florida, reconsider. Bankrate.com’s ranking failed to place any of Florida’s major cities in the top 10, due to the state’s high cost of living and high humidity. By choosing Colorado over the more popular retirement getaways throughout Florida, you can set yourself up for some of the best years of your life during your retirement.

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