April 15, 2024

What You Should Know About These Health Topics in Colorado

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Whether you are just moving to Denver or you are a lifelong resident of Denver, there are some hot health topics you should know about the city. Colorado in general is a great place to live for the health-conscious community. There are plenty of outdoor spaces to get your exercise in, and there is a focus on healthcare initiatives that can help you improve your health and stay on track with good health. Learn more about what health topics are being discussed right now in Denver.

Disparities in Access to Health Care

The people of Denver and Colorado are talking about improving access to healthcare for immigrants, and people living below the poverty line. The COVID 19 pandemic has driven home how important it is that everyone in Denver is able to get the healthcare that they deserve. Some of the issues that have cropped up include cultural barriers to healthcare.

A poll of 32 countries around the globe supports how culture plays a tremendous role in understanding communication. The survey reports that “emotional expressiveness” correlates with diversity and understanding. In countries that have less diversity of people who smiled often were seen as being dishonest. Understanding cultural belief systems is critical in providing healthcare to marginalized communities.

The Popularity of Plastic Surgery

Denver is known as a city whose residents are advocators for a natural, healthy lifestyle, which has opened up some debate about the popularity of plastic surgery. Forbes magazine reported that in 2019 about 11.36 million elective plastic surgeries occurred globally. When the information was released, community members of Denver took to social media to discuss what this meant. There is a lot of buzz going on all around the country about plastic surgery, including in Denver. Why do people opt for it? How safe is it? How do people pay for it? Plastic surgery and other cosmetics are a hot health topic in Denver.

Radon Gas Exposure

There has been an uptick in concern over Radon gas exposure. While Radon is not exclusive to Denver, it is a topic that people are talking about. Radon is a naturally occurring gas everywhere that normally dissipates into the atmosphere. However, it can get trapped in buildings and build up. Radon that has built up in a home can lead to lung cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that 12% of all lung cancers can be avoided if Radon exposure was curtailed.

Environmental exposure and how it affects health is a hot topic in Denver. People are concerned about what they can do to make things better, not only when it comes to Radon gas but when it comes to other environmental issues that are affecting their health.

Kids Health

Denver is a tight-knit community that believes in taking care of each other and that includes taking care of the youngest members of the community. Around two or three out of 1,000 children are born with hearing problems that cause hearing loss. Early interventions can make a world of difference for these children

One of the health topics that everyone in Denver is talking about is how to better help kids get healthcare. What types of screenings should be done for every child? It is an important health topic that gets a lot of attention and thought in Denver.

Vaccines for COVID 19 Are Still a Hot Topic

According to the Denver COVID 19 dashboard, about 80% of the residents in Denver have received at least one shot of the COVID 19 vaccine. The statistics include residents aged five years and older. Denver has an impressive vaccine rate when compared to other cities around the country. Of course, there are some people that have chosen not to get vaccinated and this has become a hot topic of conversation.

A healthy lifestyle and living in Denver are a priority for most residents. There is always a lot of good information floating around that can help you get on track with your health and stay on track in the Mile High City.

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