May 26, 2024

What Do I Need to Know About Getting a New Roof in Denver?

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Are you thinking of adding a new roof to your Denver home but aren’t sure where to start? That’s a common situation that many people find them in every year. Thankfully, there are a few things to consider that can make this process much easier for you to understand. Here are some elements to consider before you decide on installing a new roof on your home this year.

Checking the Roof Frame

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your roof frame is strong. Many homeowners misunderstand this process and think that all they need to do is replace shingles to improve their roofs. However, a weak frame will cause your roof to fail, even with new shingles.

That’s why it is important to look for sheathing and plywood support issues. These can include cracks in the wood support beams or disintegrating wood due to water damage. You may also need to replace your insulation to ensure that it is as strong as possible for your home’s needs.

Consider Return on Investment

Every improvement that you make to your home has a specific return on investment or ROI rate. When getting a new roof, it is important to understand what each roof type adds to your value. For example, a new asphalt roof brings about 62% of your ROI when trying to sell a house.

That means a $10,000 asphalt roof would add $6,200 to your overall home value. Does that mean it isn’t worth the investment cost? Not at all! A roof also adds extra style and protection to your house that makes it more than worth installing while you live in the house.

Pay Attention to Lifespan

All roof types have a specific lifespan that can affect how much value they bring to your home. For example, TPO roofs typically last 18-20 years, EPDM about 15-18, and PVC up to 30 years or so. Metal roofs may last over 100 years, depending on various factors.

Obviously, you want a roof that will last as long as you live in a house. But do you need a roof that lasts 100 years? That’s potentially longer than both your and your children’s lifespan. Consider this factor and choose a roof that meets your budgetary needs as well.

Decide Between Peeling Off or Layering On

When installing a new roof for your Denver home, you may peel off the old shingles or add them right on top of the old layer. Typically, you can put two layers of shingles on a home before you need to remove them. As a result, you need to take your time to seriously consider this step.

Usually, it is better to remove the old shingles because laying new ones on them is only going to cover the old material’s imperfections. That said, removing takes more time and money that you may not want to pay. Talk with your roofing professionals before making a choice here.

Other Important Considerations

There are several other things that you have to understand before you install a new roof on your home. Just a few considerations that you have to make when crafting and adding a new roof to your house include:

  • Whether to replace the roof yourself or hire a professional
  • What kind of roofing professional you want to hire
  • The overall loudness and time span of your replacement process
  • Important inspection steps that you need to take before you begin
  • Preventing further roofing damage, such as avoiding ice dams

As you can see, adding a new roof to your home in Denver requires several important considerations. After all, there is about $394 billion spent every year on home improvement in the US. This huge amount of money shows that there is a significant value in improving your home. So make sure that you take the time to find the best roofing processes you can afford.

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