July 24, 2024

Key Features to Include When Building a Home in Denver

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Given the freedom that comes with building a home, there are plenty of reasons people in Denver would want to make the investment and get started with their dream house. Building a home comes with a lot of careful decision-making. Still, without knowing what essential features to include, your custom home won’t be nearly as attractive as you’d like. Here are five key features you’ll want to make sure you add to your list.

Radiant-Heated Floors

Radiant-heated floors can be turned on thanks to warming coils running under the floor that can be switched on when you’re ready. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, they’re particularly useful in the bathroom, as these warming floors heat water and electricity and make you feel like you’re in a living room next to a stovetop that’s lit. The agency also reported 50% of a typical home’s energy is used for heating and cooling the occupant’s space. That said, the added benefit of radiant heating is that it’s sensitive to people who suffer from allergies, since allergens aren’t as easily distributed throughout the air. They’re definitely an ideal choice for any home builder looking for a unique kind of heating.

A Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system collects dirt, dust, and danger in a central area such as your basement. The best part about central vacuum systems is that they’re like radiant-heating floors; they don’t scatter indoor air pollution throughout the air for you to breathe. Any kind of vacuuming system will be essential to building a home as the kind of pollution that builds from months of dirt buildup can jeopardize the health and safety of any home builder in Denver. Thus, it’s probably in your best interest to install a central vacuum system that’ll last for years, helping you to cut costs on vacuuming since you’ll be handling the dirty work in one central location.

Folding Patio Door

There’s nothing quite like building a home and knowing you’ll have plenty of time to relax outdoors. A folding patio door folds up to give you the chance to rest in front of the home and enjoy the landscape in front of you. As home builders have as much desire to increase the value of their home as home buyers, a folding patio door is worth installing. Whether you’ve got a big family or you’re planning an upcoming vacation, the right patio door will give the residents in your home the opportunity to relax without you having to spend too much money.

Built-In Sprinkler System

A built-in sprinkler system eliminates the loss of control that comes with feeling like you never know how to time your sprinkler system. As a home builder, you’ll have to take as much responsibility for maintaining the surrounding landscape, particularly the grass, so a built-in sprinkler system is essential to keeping a home looking nice. The truth is that 90% of Americans prefer to live in homes surrounded by grass lawns. That means that taking the time to make sure your grass is watered and maintained will ultimately help you achieve a better-looking home overall.

An Upstairs Laundry Room

Upstairs, you’ll have a chance to install a laundry room. The benefit of an upstairs laundry room is that you don’t have to go downstairs in the basement where there’s more moisture. Sometimes, using a laundry room upstairs can lead to a brighter outlook on life as you’ll have more light in the room. Just ask yourself how depressing it can feel in a laundry room and you’ll know why it’s worth installing one upstairs.

As a homeowner in Denver, there are plenty of elements you want to add to make your home look nice. From an upstairs laundry room to a built-in sprinkler system, it’s up to you to make your home look as nice as possible. Now you have five great additions for your home so you can get moving on your custom home project.

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