July 24, 2024

Innovative Ways You Can Decorate Your Denver Condo

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The average price of a condo in Denver hovers around $350,000.00, which is a bargain compared to the average $1.9 million price tag of a condo in Manhattan. If you recently purchased a condo in Denver and are looking for some innovative ways to decorate the space, the tips you find here are going to help. There are a lot of ways to add a personal touch to your condo without breaking the budget. You just need to roll up your sleeves, follow these tips, and get to work.

Paint Is Transformative

Enough cannot be said about the power of paint. It is one of the easiest ways to transform your Denver condo and give you the unique backdrop you need to make it your own. Paint can make a room seem larger, it can add warmth to a room, and it can express your style and personality.

Paint is a very cheap way to decorate a space. Try something different with wall paint. For example, there are stencils you can use to create a wallpaper effect and add an accent wall. Get innovative with how you use paint. There are tons of online tutorials that can show you how to get creative with a $25 gallon of paint.

Create Zones in Your Rooms

One room can wear many hats. If your Denver condo is on the smaller side in terms of square footage, you can make your rooms do double duty. For example, your main living space can serve as a lounge space, an office, and an entertainment center by creating different zones in the space.

Look at each wall in the space as a potential to create a different zone. For your office area, all you need is a desk and a chair that is compact enough to fit yet comfortable enough to use. A smart speaker, a small sofa, and a TV that hangs can make up your entertainment space on the other side of the room. About 60% of people surveyed report they use a smart speaker in their space. You can create a space you love for yourself by tapping into today’s technology.

You can create zones in any and every room to get more living space out of your condo without sacrificing style. Give each part of the room a purpose. Look for furniture that fits the space or that can do double duty to complete the zone.

Utilize Mirrors

Using mirrors in decorating is not a new idea, but there are still not enough people tapping into the power of mirrors in the design. A well-placed mirror can make a room look larger while bringing more light into the space. Try adding a large mirror across the room from a window. The light will bounce off the mirror and help to make the space seem larger.

Use Vertical Wall Space for Storage

One of the biggest complaints condo living promotes is the lack of storage. You can fix the problem by incorporating storage into your décor. Consider open shelving in the kitchen that goes all the way up to the ceiling.

Vertical spaces are usually dead spaces. Typically, above eye level, all you have is wall space. You can make the most of this space by adding shelves. Consider adding shelves behind the commode in the bathroom over the sink, then move on to the closets where you can install shelves above the clothing racks to provide more storage room.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Denver can get cold in the winter. Under-insulation of buildings is the norm. About nine out of 10 houses in America are not insulated enough to make a difference. You can incorporate decorating ideas that will help to keep your space warmer. Use multi-layer window dressing to warm things up, as around 30% of energy loss happens through the windows and doors.

There are a lot of ways you can get innovative with your Denver condo décor that will not only give you a stylish place of your own but that can save you money.

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