July 16, 2024

How to Prepare for Your First Hunting Trip in Colorado

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Hunting can be an exciting experience. That said, the anticipation of what to expect can be overwhelming if it is your first time. It’s best if you prepare adequately to avoid being caught off-guard. To help you get started, we have compiled a few tips on what to expect in your first hunting trip in Colorado.

Enroll in a Hunting Safety Course

To hunt in Denver, all hunters are required to obtain a certification license within the state. Therefore, ensure that you take an approved course as, without certification, you will not receive a license and thence cannot take part in hunting. Once you are certified, you will be issued with a habitat stamp that is valid for all hunting seasons, and you can participate in as many hunting trips as you wish. According to a survey by McKinley Advisors for the Archery Trade Association, the U.S. has 5.4 million competitive archers, 9.9 million bow hunters, and 17.6 million recreational archers. You will therefore have many hunting activities at your disposal to choose from once you complete the hunter safety course.


Before you go on the actual hunting trip, get familiar with the weapons you will be using, the gear you will be wearing, and the weather you will encounter while hunting. Practice under different weather conditions, such as when it is windy or under extreme heat. This will give you insight into what to expect on the day of actual hunting. In addition, practicing with the weapons will help you learn how to hold them, clean them and use them safely. The last thing you want is to injure yourself when handling a weapon. Apart from weapons, you will also need to familiarize yourself with how to take care of an animal you have successfully hunted. You will need to take out all the meat and preserve it. Burning the meat before it reaches its destination is an option. Experts say that seasoned wood with at least 20% moisture content is best for burning.

Decide Where to Hunt

Colorado is a huge state that is divided into several hunting areas. Therefore, you will need to know your hunting area and the boundaries for a successful hunting trip. You can scout your hunting area ahead of the season before settling on a site to avoid getting lost on your first day. You can also use online resources to help you find resourceful spots such as parking, potential sleeping spots, water resource areas, and where to camp. There is a record of 3.5 billion Google searches every day, so take this opportunity to get informed and make the most out of your hunting trip.

Get in Shape

It would help if you were prepared physically for hunting. You will experience high altitudes and extreme weather conditions. The only way is to prepare your body before to avoid getting fatigued early. Your body is not accustomed to carrying heavy weights for long periods, and neither are your lungs acclimated to high altitudes. Start taking long walks carrying a backpack or hiking stairs often to get your body in shape for the hunting trip. Exercises will enable you to build body strength and sustain energy for an extended period.

The best piece of advice in getting prepared for a hunting trip is to do your research prior. You need to do the hunting preparation course, acquire a license, scout for a hunting area, get in shape, and do lots of practice. These tips are meant to make your trip as eventful as possible and avoid common glitches that new hunters experience. Once you are well informed, you can proceed on your hunting trip and make discoveries, learn new skills, and check off a hobby from your bucket list.

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