April 14, 2024

Denver Heat Wave Won’t Last Long With Cold, Snowy Weather on its Way

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flipMost Colorado residents have already broken out their winter gear and snow shovels by now, with snow flurries and chilly temperatures a common occurrence in October, but not in the Denver area. So far, October has proven to be an unusually warm month for the capital of Colorado, which reached a record high of 83 degrees just last week. Usually at this point in the year in Denver, the average temperature is 50.9 degrees and snow accumulation averages about four inches. So far this October, however, the average temperature is 55.5 degrees and no snowfall has been recorded.

While Denver residents have enjoyed a nice little summer extension, other parts of the state are already experiencing signs of winter. Last week Park, Elk and Gore Mountains, as well as the central mountain valleys, had a winter weather advisory, with the National Weather Service predicting up to eight inches of snow and 40 mph wind gusts for those areas. Despite traffic slowdowns caused by the blustery cold and snow this month, the weather in most parts of Colorado have been ideal for ski resorts to make snow. Arapahoe Basin was able to begin making snow as early as October 2, allowing the resort to open its slopes to ski and snowboard fanatics last week.

According to an annual winter forecast from the Weather Channel, weather conditions this winter should continue to be ideal for ski resorts. Early snow cover in Eurasia, and particularly in Siberia, point to a strong jet stream. A stronger jet stream will push cold air further down into the U.S. than usual, meaning another cold and snowy winter. With a snowy winter in store, homeowners are reminded that keeping snow in check outside the house is important for avoiding damage come spring. Clearing snow away from a home’s foundation can help prevent water damage, and clearing out gutters helps ensure that melting snow is properly distributed away from the house.

Denver may be experiencing a break from the typical cold and snowy October weather, but residents can be sure they’ll still need their snow gear and shovels this winter.

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