May 24, 2024

Chair Covers – The Right Fabrics For A High-End Longevity

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There are multiple things to consider when you are looking for a chair cover. It has to be durable, long-lasting and should not tear up with few uses. Always remember that anyone can sit on that chair with a cover on it. It can be an adult or a child who wants to scratch the covers. So, you have to be very careful while choosing the covers. Selecting the right fabric is a must, as that determines the condition of the cover and how long it can stay intact. So, before you finalize on the covers, make sure to work out on the fabrics.

Perfect blended material for the cover:

Linen on its own is not the best choice as all-weather fabric for the chair cover. It can easily wrinkle and catch stains. In case you accidentally soil the fabric, it needs professional help to clean the stain up. But, you can mix it with other materials for creating perfect chair covers in the end. 

  • You should know that linen helps in resisting fading and pilling.
  • It can also be used for resisting abrasion way better than cotton.
  • This material proves to be quite a sturdy fabric whenever you blend it with other materials.

Cotton seems to be natural material:

For the best fabric option for cover, you can try out cotton for a change. It is not just durable but can also resist fading. So, if you ever plan to get darker hues for the chair table, make sure that the fabric is of high-end cotton material.

  • Apart from the points mentioned, cotton is a breathable and absorbent fabric. So, it is best to use if you have children around at home.
  • To safeguard your chair even better, you can place water-resistant covers for seats and prevent spills and stains in the best way.
  • You can dye cotton, so there are full patterns and color options, which are limitless.
  • Make sure to head towards upholstery grade cotton, which can mingle well with the real fabric of the chair for a smooth feel. It even remains thicker than most of the cotton fabrics, sold in some standard shops.

Polyester for the synthetic fabric:

If you are looking for a synthetic chair cover, then polyester seems to be leading the chart. This material was first introduced in the year 19750 and known to be a high performing synthetic fabric, rarely used alone.

  • Primarily, the chair cover manufacturers use synthetic fabric with some natural materials like wool or cotton for that final finish.
  • Polyester can blend perfectly with other materials to offer easy cleaning, strength, and resistance to wrinkling, fading, and abrasion.

Once you have selected the right fabric for your chair cover, you can quickly settle for the right color, size, texture, and more. There is no need to pay more if you get these slipcovers in bulk amount. Wholesale rates will work out in your favor. So, even if you have a tight budget planned out, now you know how to get the best deals in hand. 

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