April 20, 2024

5 Fun Facts About Roofs for Denver Homeowners

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As a homeowner, you most likely want to do the best for your home and keep it in a good state, both functionally and aesthetically. The roof is one of the most prominent features of your home and it serves both of these functions. This makes it a good idea to learn as much as you can about the roof of your home, and the following are five fun facts about roofs.

1. Different Roofs Have Different Lifespans

You may have noticed that people in your neighborhood need to change their roofs at different intervals, and this is dependent on the material of the roof. It’s also dependent on other factors such as the climate and whether the roof has been taken good care of throughout its lifespan. The typical lifespan of a roof that’s been well maintained is between 20 to 30 years if the roof has also been constructed with high-quality materials. Some roofs, including shake-style roofs, can last for as long as 50 years. Talk to your roofing contractor in Denver so they can advise you on the best roof to get if you need to replace yours.

2. Regular Inspections Can Help You Keep Your Roof for Longer

Doing regular inspections of your roof can help you keep it for a longer time. This is because when the roof is inspected, any issue that it may have will be identified and can be dealt with. Doing this will enable you to keep your roof in good condition for a longer time than if you simply ignore it and don’t pay attention to what’s happening to it. Having these inspections done by a professional on a regular basis can prove to be worth the cost that it’s associated with over time.

3. There’s a Right Roof for Every Climate

The best roof for the weather in Denver may not be great for another climate. This is because different roofing materials have different qualities. These dictate the rate at which the roof will age and how well it will hold up against different weather conditions. Metal roofs, for example, can last from 40 to 70 years, depending on the material that they’re made out of. Bearing this in mind, you can get the right roof for your home if you work with a professional local roofer to get the best roof.

4. The Roof Needs to Breathe

This may come as a surprise, but your roof needs to breathe. This purpose is fulfilled by the ventilation system on the roof. Without it, you risk trapping warm, moist air within and locking out cooler air from circulation around it. This can make condensation build up in your attic and encourage the rapid growth of mold, damaging your walls and insulation.

5. The Roof Needs Regular Cleaning

Finally, your roof, just like the rest of your home, needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is because dirt and debris can leave your roof weighed down and comfortable enough for rats and even frogs to build nests on it. This places your roof at more serious risk of failing and decreases its lifespan. This can be avoided by cleaning your roof on a regular basis and making sure that it looks amazing at all times and in all seasons.

A roof replacement can give 85% or even more of its investment costs back on resale. Some owners have even reported making 100% or more of the cost of a new roof by getting a better sale price. This makes it worth your while to replace your roof as soon as you realize that it needs to be replaced.

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