HubShout Reseller Reviews and Customer Satisfaction Data

When looking for HubShout reseller reviews, it is very important to do your research.  There are many reseller options on the market today to help small agencies get started in digital marketing. Unfortunately, the quality varies drastically and agency owners need to be Savvy with how they select an outsourcing partner. In this article, I will outline the various components that should be important when looking at a reseller review, as well as the major players in the white label SEO space. I will also highlight specific Hubshout reseller reviews to give you a realistic assessment of the Hubshout private label SEO platform.

Hubshout history


Hubshout was founded in 2008 with a mission to help small businesses in a digital marketing landscape dominated by corporate Giants.  With nearly 10 years of experience, The Firm has grown to a considerable size with over 40 employees into offices,  Rochester New York and Washington DC. They have also made considerable investments in technology, offering a white label dashboard to agencies who sign up for their digital marketing services. Hubshout also maintains a column on search engine watch and is a frequent contributor to other major search engine optimization publications such as MOZ.

HubShout reseller reviews

HubShout currently has 250 active resellers in their community. As a result, it is not hard to find reviews from these agencies.  The company has a page on their website dedicated to Hubshout reseller reviews which you should read. But like any company, these will be carefully curated to present a positive image. What is more interesting to me are the quantitative customer satisfaction survey scores that the company publishes. These scores include unhappy customers as well as happy customers.  This will give you a much better picture of the overall reseller satisfaction from firms who work with the product day to day. While many people enjoy reading individual testimonials, I believe the aggregated data is a much more realistic view of the overall experience with the service.

While there have been previous reports of customer service problems at Hubshout, the recent reseller review data is strong. For the last six months, the average satisfaction with their account management has been 4.3 on a 5-point scale. This is a very strong score and indicates a customer service orientation at the firm. There are other indications of strong customer focus. The onboarding process is something that previous agencies had complained about.  specifically, they felt that bringing new clients on to the Hubshout platform was difficult.  Again, we now have quantitative data demonstrating improvements in the onboarding process. The satisfaction with the onboarding calls has been as high as 4.7 on a 5-point scale over the last six months. These aggregate numbers are very encouraging, but you can also read the individual reseller reviews on their website to get a flavor of how it feels to work with them.


Digital Marketing Results

It is also critically important that the white label SEO firm you work with produces results. This is an area where Hubshout has always excelled. From day one, The Firm was very transparent about the results they were able to create for resellers. This philosophy continues to be true today. Over the last year, Hubshouthas embraced The Lean Startup movement. They are now using experimentation, minimum viable product, and cohorts to measure everything they do. This has resulted in many product improvements end is likely one of the reasons the resale reviews described above are so high. A few examples.

Writer Kick Off Calls

A newer future of the Hubshoutreseller program is the writer kickoff call. Specifically, when a new campaign is launched the reseller, the end client, and the Hubshout writer all join a conference call. The reseller introduces the writer as “my remote writer” so the white labeled nature of the arrangement is not violated.  this conference call give the writer the opportunity to hear instructions directly from the small business owner. It also enables the reseller to hear the customers desires and help Translate any missing information that the writer needs to do an excellent job. Using the Lean Startup Innovation engine, Hubshout has demonstrated that customer satisfaction scores with onsite content move from 3.7 to 4.3 using this technique. The end result is a happier customer. Here is the specific data below.

Case Studies

Another new feature of the Hubshout reseller program are case studies. When a new agency joins the Hubshout community, the co-founders have a conference call to discuss strategies that other agencies are using to accelerate growth. These conference calls have received very positive reviews as well as the other changes made to the product. There is Great Value in collaboration between agency owners who are all trying to achieve the same result. The presentation offered by Hubshoutallows for knowledge sharing between small business owners and has shown some great result. Several agencies have formed round tables and Mastermind groups based on these discussions and feel that they are invaluable for the growth of their companies.

Technology Improvements

Finally, I will highlight the technology improvements that Hubshout has made over the last year. Based on reseller feedback many new features have been added to their white label portal. Examples of this include API integration with Zapier,  Which allows data to be pulled in and out of the Hub shop platform with ease. Another example is the printable proposal PDF.  many resellers had requested a portable version of The Proposal to accelerate their sales efforts. PDF format is universally accessible to prospects and allows agencies to push out sales material quickly. Hubshout also has several sessions scheduled for the upcoming months to address feedback related to the look and feel of the dashboard, usability, and reports. Based on their recent trends we should expect to see many new releases in the near future.


In summary, there are many nuances to evaluating a reseller program. Reading Hubshout reseller reviews from other agencies is certainly an important data point, but it should be correlated with qualitative customer service scores as well as your own review of the product and service. Hubshout has made a commitment to improving customer service as well as an investment in Innovation using the Lean Startup methodology. This approach has shown drastic changes over the last year and will probably continue to place them at the top of the list of best SEO resellers in the world.

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